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D2.3 Harmonized methodologies and calculation values integrated in streamSAVE platform

D5.2 streamSAVE project website

D5.4 streamSAVE Platform (beta)

D5.7 Stakeholder engagement plan

D5.6 Valorisation strategy; maintaining experts’ communities & platform beyond the project


Standardized savings calculations within Europe: exchanging practices to streamline theory and practice, N. Renders, K. van Maris, E. Meynaerts, P. Fonseca, P. Moura, C. Patrão, J. Broc, E. Böck. Access publication

Five actions fit for 55: streamlining energy savings calculations, K. van Maris, N. Renders, E. Böck, P. Fonseca, P. Moura, C. Patrão, M. López Arias. Access publication

Streamlining savings calculations within Europe: lessons learnt from the Capacity Support Facility in EU Members States, C. Tourkolias, P. Fonseca, N. Renders. Access publication

Streamlining savings from BACS within the EED framework, K. van Maris, C. Tourkolias, E. Böck. Access abstract

Rapporto annuale efficienza energetica 2021, Agenzia Nazionale Efficienza Energetica. Access report

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