priority actions & impacts

Priority Actions (PAs) are technical solutions with high energy savings potential selected based on stakeholder needs. streamSAVE will target a total of 10 PAs over the course of the project , enabling in-depth and hands-on capacity building for Member States. Key stakeholders will be engaged via diverse activities centered around each one, with the intent of achieving results that are key to the project’s success and overall impact. Below is the first set of PAs that the project will address.

heat recovery
Building automation & control systems
short-term impactS 
Key stakeholders will gain energy saving calculations capacities and skills that improve their energy savings estimates, and identify previously unexploited energy saving actions resulting in long-term energy savings.
Member States will be able to more effectively implement, monitor and redesign policies under Article 3 and 7 of the EED, boosting their chances of meeting energy efficiency targets.
long-term impacts

The streamSAVE project methodologies, active platform and lively community of experts will lead to continuous exchanges, increased energy savings and greater overall energy efficiency across Europe well beyond the end of the project.