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31 Aug: Unveiling streamSAVE Final Report
We are thrilled to announce the project’s final report! This report stands as a testament to our commitment, hard work, and unwavering dedication to streamlining energy savings calculations. Through this document, we share the outcomes and lessons learned on savings calculations for the 10 priority actions.
09 Jun: The streamSAVE Final Event
streamSAVE and DEESME joint final event in Brussels was a platform for sharing insights and experiences gained by different countries and companies in implementing energy efficiency policies.
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07 Apr: streamSAVE at Hannover Messe
Rebuilding Europe's energy security requires prioritising energy efficiency in industry support programs, such as the Green Deal Industrial Plan. streamSAVE's workshop at Hannover Messe explored how simplified and streamlined energy savings calculations can help set the right priorities, highlighting the outcomes of the project.