streamlining energy savings calculations
streamSAVE aims to assist Member States in their efforts to deliver rapidly scalable savings and increase their chances of successfully meeting energy efficiency targets under Article 3 and 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). A series of activities, divided into three categories, will be carried out with the intent of improving the energy saving methodologies capacities and skills of stakeholders across Europe.
knowledge facility

The project will help Member States align energy savings estimates with actual energy savings achieved to increase energy savings across Europe. Given the importance of deemed savings approaches in Member States’ EED reporting, streamSAVE will focus on the bottom-up calculations methodologies of technical actions and define guidelines to estimate the cost effectiveness of each action. The methodologies will be made publicly available on the streamSAVE platform.

knowledge exchange facility

The sharing of experiences among Member States will be facilitated by a lively community of experts. streamSAVE will organise tailored peer-to-peer dialogues, in which stakeholders will discuss technical and economical details about Priority Actions in relation to Article 3 and 7. Additionally, the streamSAVE platform and online forum will enable continuous knowledge exchange.

capacity support facility

The Capacity Support Facility will provide Member States with one-to-one technical support. Experts from the streamSAVE consortium will provide tailored support to meet the diverse needs of public authorities. The evidence-based support will consist of determining the baseline consumptions for Priority Actions in relation to Article 3 and 7, nad correcting energy savings for free-rider behaviour among other activities.

Work Package 1 consists of coordinating the technical, legal, financial and administrative aspects of the project as well as monitoring and managing risk.
Work Package 2 will offer templates and guidance to Member States, centered around each Priority Action, to help them streamline and improve their estimations on energy savings and cost effectiveness. The research will start from current practices within Member States and will be shared via the streamSAVE platform.
Work Package 3 aims to develop capacity building among Member States by fostering experience sharing and knowledge exchange through peer-to-peer dialogues centered around each Priority Action. An online forum will be integrated on the streamSAVE platform mirroring the dialogues so that stakeholders can interact according to their needs and preferences.
In Work Package 4, demand-led and direct technical support will be provided on energy savings estimations to the 10 partner Member States. To maximise the replication potential towards all European Member States, the support facility will offer training on the streamSAVE platform to non-partner countries.
Work Package 5 is dedicated to all the communication and dissemination activities, plus the development of the streamSAVE platform.