streamlining energy

savings calculations

As a 36-month Horizon 2020 project, streamSAVE aims to streamline energy savings calculation methodologies under Article 3 and 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The project will bring together public authorities, technology experts and market actors to foster transnational knowledge exchange on technical priority actions across Europe.
energy efficiency directive

The EED is a set of measures to increase energy efficiency throughout Europe. In 2018, the EED was revised and targets were increased to reach a sustainable and long-lasting Energy Union.

priority actions

Coordinated by VITO (Flemish Institute of Technological Research)the project will target Priority Actions (PAs), such as heat recovery and electric vehicles, that are selected based on stakeholder needs. Over the course of 36 months, 12 partners from 10 different countries will collaborate to carry out activities centered around each PA.

Helping member states

Under the EED, Member States deliver quantitative energy savings and create new policy programmes, and/or make existing ones more effective.  streamSAVE aims to facilitate the implementation of the EED across Member States, and ensure the replicability of streamSAVE methodologies and guidelines all over Europe.

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